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Title: Electrical Engineer

This position is responsible for a wide range of electrical and computer control duties involving the design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the electrical and computer control systems of production and extrusion. Top priority and the primary emphasis is give to troubleshooting and assisting the proper operation of production machinery. The incumbent must be willing to devote whatever effort is necessary to keeping production machinery operational. The electrical engineer will work closely with production team members in the design and maintenance of systems.


Respond to requests for assistance from operating personnel to trouble shoot and repair equipment.
Assist in the design, programming, and installation of control systems and upgrades thereto.
Make suggestions, in cooperation with operating personnel, for safety and system improvements.
Be conversant with the operation of plant machinery to understand the needs and uses of control systems.


This position requires a bachelor level degree in electrical engineering.


Experience in wiring protocols, programming of control systems, electrical trouble shooting and repair and electrical circuit design is strongly desired.